Types of damp simply explained

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Are you reading a lot about damp and struggling to get your head around the different types of damp issues and how to fix them? If so, our handy inforgraphic below on 'damp problems simply explained' should hopefully be an ideal remedy. 

With many different types of damp problems affecting a property, it can be easy to not realise that forms of damp such rising damppenetrating damp or condensation require different approaches to damp treatment.  Our infographic below highlights the importance of a correct diagnosis prior to firing ahead with any treatment or solution.  

For additional information about any of the areas highlighted within the infographic, visit our damp proofing homepage.

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Explaining damp issues simply!

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Types of damp simply explained

Video: Damp problems

Get to know more about damp related issues. Listen to our very own "Rotter" (aka Les Meikle) talk to the BBC about typical damp problems and treatments.

Rotter talks damp with the BBC

Damp treatment

Do you recognise one of the damp issues within the infographic? Have no fear. Learn more on how to treat the different varieties of damp affecting your property.

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