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Damp Problems

Damp problems can affect any property, especially in this country where the rain never seems to stop. Many different damp problems are often lumped together under the term ‘damp’ however, understanding what type of damp problem your property is suffering from is important if you want to correctly treat the damp issue.

In this damp problems section you will find useful information and DIY tips along with guides on how to identify and eradicate common damp problems that your property may be suffering from.

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Common damp problems

Typically there are three common types of damp problem that affect properties:

Identifying which type of damp problem you have can be tricky, but here is a rough guide:

If moisture is coming in through the roof or higher up the walls you are most likely dealing with a penetrating damp problem. Moisture rising up through your walls from the ground would indicate a rising damp issue. Finally, condensation issues are likely to be caused by poor ventilation.

Types of damp simply explained

Damp on walls

You can typically tell if damp problems are affecting your walls by the damage it causes. Damp will typically cause the following:

  • Peeling wallpaper 
  • Water marks and damp patches 
  • Damaged plaster 
  • Black mould
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Common sources of damp problems in homes

Any building or plumbing problems that allow water/moisture into the property can lead to damp problems.

The most common factors that allow moisture into a property include poor ventilation, leaking roof, failed damp proof course and plumbing problems such as a leaking washing machine or dishwasher.

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Tips to prevent damp problems

The first step in dealing with any damp problem is to establish where the moisture is coming from and stop it from entering your property. Any further damage will then need to be assessed before deciding on the correct treatment plan. If necessary, you may want to consult with a damp specialist.

Top tips to stop damp problems

How to treat damp problems

Each damp problem will require a different treatment plan which may involve, for example, installing a damp proof course for rising damp problems, addressing leaking water into the property for penetrating damp issues or improving air ventilation to stop condensation forming.

Here are full information pages to assist you in treating your properties damp problems.

Penetrating damp treatment and solutions
Rising damp treatment and solutions
Condensation treatment and solutions

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If you feel your damp problem has escalated beyond a DIY fix and you need to speak with a damp specialist then call Wise Property Care today on 0800 65 22 678 to request a damp survey. If you would prefer to contact our damp experts online then click the button below and fill out our online form.

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