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Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding damp proofing. Click to reveal the answers:

Q1: What is damp?

Q2: Is there such a thing as damp proof paint?

Q3: How does damp proof paint work?

Q4: How much does damp proofing cost?

Q5: How much does paint for damp walls cost?

Q6: What damp proofing products would you recommend?

Q7: What is a slate damp proof course?

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Damp is basically unwanted moisture that has come into your property’s atmosphere from outside water ingress or through condensation caused by people living in the property.

Types of Damp explained

Q2: Is there such a thing as Damp Proof Paint?

Yes, you can purchase anti-condensation paint from the Wise Condensation Shop. The paint helps control condensation which in turn prevents black mould.

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Q3: How does Damp Proof paint work?

It is actually anti-condensation paint you need that will control condensation, damp and the growth of black mould by utilising Glass Microsphere technology. 

How anti-condensation paint works

Q4: How much does Damp Proofing cost?

It is difficult to put a price on it as damp comes in many different forms with each requiring their own tailored treatment plan. If you can establish the type of damp problem you have and the extent of the damp issue then it can be possible to establish a guide price to rectifying the damp issue, subject to a survey to confirm. To try and identify the type of damp problem you have, click on the link below.

Learn about Damp Proofing

Q5: How much does paint for damp walls cost?

You can either buy your own paint and mix in some of our anti-mould paint additives or you can purchase our anti-condensation paint at the Wise Condensation Shop. A 100ml bottle of anti-mould paint additives is cost effective at just £8.99. The anti-condensation paint starts from £69.99 for 5 litres.

Recommended products

Q6: What damp proofing products would you recommend?

It really depends on the type of damp you are dealing with and the severity of it. If you have identified that it is a condensation problem you have then our suggestion would be to visit our Wise Condensation Shop. If the condensation issue is more sever, then we would suggest a positive pressure system as a solution. If it is anything out with condensation, then we would recommend that you purchase the appropriate products from a supplier that is vetted, monitored and approved by the Property Care Association (PCA).

Condensation products

Q7: What is a slate damp proof course?

It is the type of damp proofing course that is quite common within older properties. The slate is used as a barrier between the bricks to prevent moisture from travelling up through the wall via capillary action.

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Prevent damp problems

Prevent a damp issue in your property by following this wise guide full of tips and tricks.

Damp problems tips

What type of damp is it?

The difference between rising damp, penetrating damp & condensation all explained here.

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