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Q1: Can you do damp proofing yourself?

Q2: How do you damp proof a wall?

Q3: What are the methods of damp proofing?

Q4: Is damp proofing expensive?

Q5: Does putting the heating on help damp?

Q6: What is the cause if damp on internal walls?

Q7: What is a slate damp proof course?

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Q1: Can You do Damp Proofing Yourself?

DIY Damp Proofing Kits do exist and the include everything your would need to install a damp proof course. However, if you do choose to go down this route please make sure you know what you are doing an incorrectly installed damp proof injection can cause more problems than it solves. Also, unless the condition you are facing is specifically rising damp there is no need for a DPC.

Additionally, DIY damp proofing will not carry a damp proofing guarantee

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Q2: How do you damp proof a wall?

Dampness on walls is a very common problem but not every damp problem on a wall is the same, so the appropriate damp proofing can vary. For condensation problems you may simply need to improve ventilation in the property and clean the mould from the wall. Penetrating damp can be treated by fixing a source of water ingress and rising damp can often be fixed by installing or repairing a damp proof course.

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Q3: What are the methods of damp proofing?

There are several ways to treat damp depending on the source. After a survey to establish the problem our team will use a variety treatments including: Damp proof courses, waterproof membranes, ventilation units, timber repair and resin repairs. The method of damp proofing is ultimately decided by the source of the damp. 

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Q4: Is Damp Proofing Expensive?

It is difficult to put a price on it as damp comes in many different forms with each requiring their own tailored treatment plan. If you can establish the type of damp problem you have and the extent of the damp issue then it can be possible to establish a guide price to rectifying the damp issue, subject to a survey to confirm. To try and identify the type of damp problem you have, click on the link below.

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Q5: Does putting the heating on help damp?

Not necissarily. If your damp problem is a result of condensation then making your home hotter can contribute to excess humidity. Thats said, you can use your central heating to achieve relative humidity in your home by heating every room of your home so as not to leave cold rooms, which are then more at risk of condensation. 

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Q6: What is the cause of damp on internal walls?

There area few reasons your internall walls can get damp. Rising damp only affects internal walls on the ground floor of a property and will leave a typical “tide mark” above the skirting board. Condensation is the most common cause of damp internal walls and will usually show signs of black mould. Penetrating damp is another cause of damp internal walls and signs of penetrating damp include damp patches, damaged plaster, water marks on masonry and damp musty smells. 

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Q7: What is a slate damp proof course?

It is the type of damp proofing course that is quite common within older properties. The slate is used as a barrier between the bricks to prevent moisture from travelling up through the wall via capillary action.

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