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Damp problems

Do you want to prevent damp problems? Have you had damp problems in the past and want to stop damp problems returning in the future? If so, read our five steps on how to stop damp problems becoming an issue within your home below.

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Five tips on how to stop damp problems occuring

To help stop damp problems, simply follow the "five R's":

Stop damp tip 1 - regular maintenance

Simple chores every couple of months will lead to a healthier property. Things such as checking and cleaning out gutters and downpipes every so often helps to ensure no issues with your water management systems.

Looking out for cracks and sealing any leaking joints within the water management goods will assist to prevent excess moisture being absorbed within the building.

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Stop damp tip 2 - regular inspections

This does not necessary mean organising for a surveyor to come out. There’s a lot you can do for yourself. However, it does no harm from time to time (every 3 years) to organise a "property MOT". Look out for:

  • Loose or slipped tiles. Is there potential for damp to come in?
  • Vegetation growing out of gutters. Is it likely to block or overflow the gutter leading overflow issues against the walls/roof and ultimately leading to damp issues inside?
  • Cracks on the stonework. Are you leaving an opened wound within the property to let moisture in?
  • Faults in the water management goods. Use a hose on a good day and test the water management systems. Look for water escaping through cracks. Also pay attention for issues caused by storm damage.
  • Checking the pointing/mortar between the brickwork. Is there areas where the pointing/mortar has overtime disintegrated?
  • If you have a chimney, checking the lead flashings, chimney valleys and parapet walls. Are they in good order?

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Stop damp tip 3 - Rapid action

As soon as you detect a damp problem, deal with it quickly. Damp is a bit like toothache. The longer you leave it the more costly the issue becomes. In short, rapid action leads to more money in your pocket!

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Stop damp tip 4 - Remove moisture out of the building.

The most common cause of damp issues today is condensation because we now live in tightly sealed homes. Moisture simply has no where to go. To minimise the impact of damp issues such as unsightly black mould on your walls, adopt simple lifestyle changes in your home such as opening windows when showering and cooking. To learn more, download out condensation help and information pack.

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Stop damp tip 5 - Renew bath and shower seals

You would be amazed at the moment of damp and rot issues that occur simply due to bad seals around baths and showers, especially when most of us use these facilities every day. By simply paying a little bit of attention to the seals when having a bath or shower, you can save yourself hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds. A little bit of DIY yourself will help prevent wet rot (or even dry rot) occurring underneath your bath and shower.

Stop my damp problems now

As much as it is great to be preventative to stop damp problems emerging, sometimes unsuspected damp problems just happen.  If that is the case, you might want to visit our damp proofing section to help you identify the particular damp issue you have and how you can go about rectifying the issue. Alternatively, visit the links below regarding damp treatment or a damp survey.

Damp treatment

Want to learn more on how to treat a damp problem. Check out our guide on damp treatments.

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Damp survey

Think you might have a damp issue? Why not organise a survey. Click on the link to find out more.

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