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What exactly is damp proofing?

What is damp proofing?  In short, damp proofing is a generic term to describe the variety of damp proofing treatments applied to prevent damp problems affecting your property. However, damp proofing is more commonly known as a type of waterproofing for constructed walls where a damp proofing barrier (commonly known as a damp proof course or DPC) is placed in walls or floors.

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What is damp proofing – why it is important?

Damp proofing works as a long term prevention to moisture decay. When it comes to walls and foundations, damp proofing prevents moisture and water passing through into interior spaces. Moreover, a healthy and fit for purpose damp proofing course will help prevent timber decay and structural damage by stopping moisture from reaching timbers within the property and thus helping to prevent outbreaks of dry rot and wet rot. 

Do my walls currently have damp proofing?

When a building is constructed, a preventative damp proof course is generally installed into the base of the walls in the form of a plastic membrane or slate barrier. This is to prevent damp rising through the fabric wall. If it is the case however, that you are noticing damp climbing up the walls or damp issues appearing within a property, then is is typically a symptom to something not being right within the property. To give you a better understanding of the potential damp issue affecting your property, visit our types of damp simply explained webpage. Alternatively, if you are concerned and simply want an answer to the issue, you can always contact a professional damp treatment specialists such as ourselves to take a look at the issue. 

Causes of damp in homes

Our help guide to the typical causes of damp issues within our homes. Learn how to identify the cause and what you can do to resolve it.

Causes of damp in homes

Prevent damp problems

There are basic things you can to to help prevent damp issues in the first place. Check out our top 5 tips to stopping damp affecting your property

How to stop damp issues

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