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1st step to treating damp

When considering any form damp treatment it is vital to correctly diagnose the actual damp problem and the source of the dampness first. Is it rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp or simple a floor/wall junction bridging? It might even be the case that you do not even need any form of damp treatment.

What you need to be aware of is that not all damp problems are the same and different damp issues require different treatments to rectify the issue. Get the diagnosis wrong and the damp treatment will likely be wrong too resulting with the damp issue continuing and any cost incurred during the failed treatment totally wasted.

What we would strongly suggest is that if you are unsure as to the cause of the damp problem and even more unsure regarding the type of damp you have, do not fire ahead with any quick fixes such has painting over the problem. It might cover up the damp issue over the short term, however, it will most likely come back with a vengence in the long term.

Professional damp proofing treatment

If you are in any doubt about the damp problem in your property, then a damp survey from Wise Property Care should be the first step to finding out and if necessary, eradicating the problem.

As multi industy award winning specialists, our fully qualified and experienced surveyors are experts at identifying damp problems. If after a damp survey it is confirmed that you do have a damp issue, our professional surveyors will advise on the type(s) of damp issue you have and will propose a damp proofing solution that best suits your property. 

Our damp treatment credentials

As the ONLY damp proofing specialist regulated by the RICS with the additional backing of "Which?", the PCA and many other industry bodies; find out what makes us so great when it comes to damp proofing by clicking on the video.

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Our trained surveyors and technicians will:

  1. Identify the nature, type and extent of the damp issue
  2. Determine the cause of the damp by finding, repairing or removing the source of moisture
  3. After consultancy with yourself and taking into account the type of property and any heritage issues, we will propose a solution to treat the damp and if necessary, a cure for any rot issues as a result of the damp issue with full specification and method statement for the rot treatments
  4. Carry out all rising damp installations and external repairs
  5. Remove any affected plaster and replace using our specialist plaster that incorporates a waterproof additive and a dense sand with cement render
  6. Advise on additional steps (if any) that are required to safeguard the property
  7. Ensure your property is left clean and safe at the end of any property works

At every stage during the damp treatments and everyday that you are available on site, we will ensure that we walk you through what has been done and what you should expect to be completed.

Whatever work may be required, our damp proofing treatments carry the Wise Property Care 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing of Scotland’s leading damp proofing specialist.

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If you suspect your property has a damp problem and you are unsure what to do, then call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or click to contact your local branch.

Alternatively, scroll down to complete our contact form or click to request a damp survey.


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