Damplee (aka Water Ingress)

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Damplee (aka Water ingress) is a major problem because he can soak your property and leave all sort of nasty side effects. Check out his "problem profile" below to find out more about his powers...

Damplee: Problem Profile

Woodworm: Problem Profile

Where to find damplee

Do not let the fact that Damplee is a water based problem fool you into thinking that you need to be near a river or reservoir to find him. Damp problems like him can occur due to burst pipes, faulty guttering, leaks in roofs or even from excess moisture in the ground.

Damplee can take on many forms depending on his source. Whether he rises up from the ground (rising damp) or soaks through a wall (penetrating damp), when he is around it means trouble for your property. 

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Damp proofing Infographic

If you do not know the difference between penetrating damp, rising damp or condensation then this helpful infographic will give you the knowledge.

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