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Dry rot is an extremely serious timber condition, and if you identify dry rot in your property it is important to treat the issue as soon as possible in order to minimise the time and cost of treatment. 

At Wise Property Care, our fully experienced and qualified specialists are experts at identifying the extent of dry rot decay. Using the latest diagnostic tools and survey technology, our team will be able to create a suitable plan of action for treating your dry rot problem. 

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HOW TO Identify Dry Rot - The first step to treatment

The first step towards treating dry rot is to identify and remove the source of moisture that is helping the dry rot to grow. Although dry rot is quite distinctive, it is normally not noticed until significant damage has been caused to timber. This is because some homeowners generally do not check the places where dry rot tends to grow such as behind plaster, under floorboards and in lofts. It is crucial to spot the dry rot signs and find the source of moisture before any dry rot treatment can occur. After this is done, the application of fungicidal treatments may be enough to stop a minor outbreak. Sadly, it is far more common for dry rot to spread before it is noticed, meaning it is usually necessary to remove plaster, apply fungicide and replace any timbers damaged by the dry rot.

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How we approach dry rot treatment

Our trained surveyors and technicians will:

  • Identify the nature, type and extent of the dry rot and decay
  • Determine the cause by finding, repairing or removing the source of moisture
  • Propose the cure for the dry rot with full specification and method statement for the rot treatments
  • Remove any wood or plaster damaged or affected by dry rot
  • Replace all removed timber with treated timber
  • Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property
  • Ensure your property is left clean and safe

Whatever work may be required, all of our dry rot treatment carries the Wise Property Care 'real & meaningful' 20 year property repair guarantee giving you complete peace of mind and the backing of the country's leading dry rot specialist.


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