Fungoid (aka Dry Rot)

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Fungoid: the oppositie of fun

Fungoid (aka dry rot) might be a "fun guy" but he will be spreading nothing but misery if he spawns in your property. Check out his "problem profile" below to find out about his special abilities including spore spewing and timber destruction!

Fungoid: Problem Profile

Fungoid: Problem Profile

Where to find Fungoid

At the begining of the dry rot lifecycle, Fungoid and his bretheren are nothing more than tiny little spores no bigger than dust, however they soon "evolve" in many forms including stringy hyphae, woolly myceleum and finally spore spewing fruiting bodies like the orange capped fungoid pictured above. 

Any fungal decay like Fungoid is bad news for your property. Dry rot in particular can make timbers so unstable that costly and urgent repairs can often result if it is not nipped in the bud early.

Fungoid is one property problem you do not want to catch.

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Dry Rot Inforgraphic

Learn more about Dry Rot infestations and how to deal with them with our helpful and downloadable infographic.

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