Weedle (aka Japanese knotweed)

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Weedle: beautiful but bad

Weedle (aka Japanese knotweed) is a monster of a plant that you would not want to find rustling in the garden of your property. Check out her "problem profile" below to find out about her amazing growth spurts and mortgage killing abilities...

Weedle: Problem Profile

Weedle: Problem Profile

Where to find  weedle

Weedle is a tough and tenacious gal, and she will grow just about anywhere, making her an increasingly common property problem. In parks and riversides, she will tower over other plants, stealing their sunlight and hogging it all for herself.

Weedle, and any other Japanese knotweed for that matter are especially harmful when she makes it into gardens. If she comes into contact with a property she can damage its foundations and decimate the value of any mortgage.

This is one problematic plant that you do not want anywhere near your property.

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If you think Weedle, or any invasive weeds, is in danger of damaging the value of your property, then get in touch with our speialist invasive weeds division Wise Knotweed Solutions. Our expert team will be able to identify Japanese knotweed and develop a Japanese knotweed treatment programme specifically tailored with your property in mind.

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