Penetrating Damp Treatment

Treating Penetrating Damp is very different to treating Rising Damp or Condensation. Find out the "Wise" approach"

How to Treat penetrating damp

When it comes to treating penetrating damp, the first important step is to establish and rectify the source of moisture/water ingress. More often than not you will find some of the following property problems are the cause of penetrating damp:

  • Leaky roof through misplaced or missing slates
  • Cracked pointing or masonry 
  • Broken or blocked gutters
  • Poorly installed windows
  • Broken downpipe outside the property
  • Porous walls – ageing bricks which have lost the ability to keep water out
  • Plumbing issues
  • Damage to current damp proof course

If you do not fancy some DIY then a competent builder or plumber should be able to identify and fix any of the above problems and cut off the moisture supply to your penetrating damp problem.

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Next step to treating penetrating damp

Hold off thinking about repairing any damaged plaster work and redecorating the affected areas just yet. Along with any noticeable damage you can initially see, your penetrating damp problem may have caused other problems to your property such as:

For dry rot and wet rot, however, you want to be 'making right' the damaged timber prior to redecorating the area. If you are are unsure what you should be looking out for, visit our dry rot or wet rot webpages. The one thing we would stress is do not ignore it. Dry and wet rot can be a bit like toothache. The longer you leave it, the worse and more expensive it becomes to repair. 

Professional penetrating damp treatment

If you are unsure what you should be looking for, now may be the time to call in a professionally qualified damp surveyor from Wise Property Care to ascertain whether any further damage has been caused by the water penetrating through your property. A qualified surveyor will not only be able to identify the true extent of any damage caused, but also propose a treatment plan speciifcally tailored for your property and budget.

As multi industry award winners, we are proud to say we are experts in identifying penetrating damp problems (including any other forms of damp) and tailoring the treatment plan to meet both yourself and your property's requirements.

With our meaningful 20 year penetrating damp guarantee covering any undertaken treatment, you can rest assured that your penetrating damp problem will soon be a thing of the past.

How we approach penetrating damp treatment

Our fully qualified and experience team will:

  1. Start by identifying and, if requested, repairing/removing the source of moisture that is causing the penetrating damp
  2. Survey and, if necessary, test any timbers for suspected wet or dry rot
  3. After consulting with yourself and taking into account the type of property, we will propose a treatment programme for the penetrating damp.
  4. If necessary, we may recommend to install a waterproof membrane within the affected area to prevent the penetrating damp affecting timbers and plaster
  5. Replace any plaster affected with damp with our specialist plaster recommended for such situations
  6. Apply a preventative fungicidal treatment (where the surveyor considers appropriate) to the timber and surrounding area to protect against rot
  7. Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property after the initial treatments have been applied
  8. Ensure your property is left clean and safe at the end of any property works.

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Just like any form of property repair, penetrating damp can be problematic, especially if you are unable to identify what is causing the issue. If you suspect your property has a penetrating damp problem and may require professional treatment then we are here to help.

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