Property Maintenance

Hints and tip for maintaining your property

How Maintain Your Property

Many homeowners rely on their property to be sturdy and reliable, and most of the time that will be the case, but every property will require a certain degree of maintenance to ensure and minimise any property repairs.

At Wise Property Care we believe prevention is better than cure and have compiled a list of four top tips to help you maintain your property.

Gutters and downpipes

A simple check of gutters and downpipes to ensure that water can move freely and there is no debris blocking the flow of water or leaks. Leaking water from poorly maintained drains can lead to all sorts of problems including dry rot, wet rot and penetrating damp.

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DamP Proofing


It is vitally important to allow your home to breathe. If moisture cannot leave your property you are at risk from condensation, black mould and more. Air bricks, air ventilation and trickle vents in windows all help ventilate a property properly, but if these become blocked, are neglected or fall into disrepair then problems could arise as a result.

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DIY Condensation Tips

Check for damp timber

Spotting the early signs of dampness in timber can mean all the difference when it comes to the time, effort and cost of repair. If you spot squishy or crumbling timber in your property, it could very well be the beginnings of a wet rot problem. Like many issues, the longer you leave it, the worse the problem will become.  Click on the link below for our DIY tips.

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DIY Wet Rot Tips

Do not take on a Job you cannot handle

If you believe your property is suffering from damp problem that is beyond your control then we would recommend a professional property survey and one of our team can guide you through any repairs you require.

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