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What Are Common Property problems?

Many property problems go unseen within a property, particularly if you do not not know the tell tale signs of specific damp problems. The ability to spot emerging property problems can help reduce the time, effort and cost of property repairs around both externally and internally.

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External property problems

A simple way to determine any external property problems is to examine gutters, downpipes and drains for signs of deterioration.  Look out for:

  • Vegetation growing out of gutters
  • Slipped or loose slates
  • Rusting or cracking cast iron down pipes and gutters
  • Leaking overflow pipes
  • Cracks in stonework
  • Defective pointing to windows or walls
  • Moss or lichen growing on the stonework
  • Damp staining on stonework particularly adjacent to pipes
  • Damaged or overflowing drains
  • Check for defects in lead flashings round chimneys valleys and parapet walls

In addition to the above points, regularly checking and clearing out leaves and debris from roof gutters, hopper heads and ground level rainwater drains will help the flow of water and prevent a buildup of moisture entering the property.

After heavy rain falls, check gutters and downpipes to see if there are any leaks, signs of overflow or tell tale signs of penetrating damp.

Also, removing cracked and bossed external rendering or harling and renewing it will ensure your home’s outside walls have coverings that are as effective as they were originally.

Internal property problems

Spotting internal property problems is not quite so easy, but in roofs and basements you can easily check the following:

  • Look out for water staining in the roof void
  • Check your seals round baths and showers
  • Check under your floor for condensation
  • If you smell dampness within your property, investigate it.  Do not let it fester and cause damp problems.

In the bathroom, look for loose seals or mastic pointing around the bath or shower. This could mean water is seeping through behind the shower/bath and potentialy giving rise to wet rot. Replacing seals and pointing can be done quickly and cheaply.

If you have condensation problems, it might be an idea to consider installing air ventilation systems or a dehumidifier to tackle the problem. You can also find more hints and tips by visiting our prevent condensation web page.

If you have a sub floor crawl space, check to see if there is any damp earth or leaking pipes. Dealing quickly with such problems could avoid costly timber repairs.

Help identifying specific property problems

For more specific advice to visit the following web pages:

Solutions to property problems

Tackling property problems inside and outside a property can seem daunting, but by breaking them down to manageable tasks and by understanding the financial benefits, you can make a real difference preserving your property now and into the future.

If, however, you feel your property problems need professional help, contact us on 0800 65 22 678 to speak to our team who can arrange a specialist property survey. If you would prefer to ask a question online use our contact form.

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