Property Repair Process

Guiding you through a typical repair

Property repair - step-by-step

At Wise Property Care we are dedicated to providing quality, transparent and bespoke property repairs. To find out more about how we get from a property survey, through property repairs and onto the completion of a job, read the typical property repair process below:

1. Property repair identification 

Utilising the most up-to-date property repair techniques, including "thermal graphic cameras", "fibre optic borescopes" and "Digital Microprobe Drills" when required, we aim to initialise the property repair process with minimum disturbance to the property while revealing property problems normally hidden from view. 

2. Property repair report 

A detailed report, complete with sketches, photographs and a comprehensive estimate, will fully document the suggested approach our surveyors will take when it comes to repairing your property. Our surveyors will also aim to make any suggested repairs as felxible as possible, taking into account our clients individual needs and requirements.

3. During the property repair 

During the property repair process, the Wise Property Care surveyor and contract management team will regularly monitor the work as it proceeds on-site. This way we can keep the client fully informed as to the progress of the property repair service and will discuss any alterations or amendments that may occur as repairs proceed.

4. Property repair process - the finish 

Upon completion of the "property repair process" the Wise Property Care specialist surveyor will meet with the customer and ensure that all is to their satisfaction and that our long term property repair guarantee can be issued. 

Why choose wise?

Unlike some others with their property repair process, Wise Property Care offers a real and meaningful property repair guarantee on all of our work. We are also one of the most highly regarded property preservation companies in the country, as proven by our customer testimonials.

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