Thank you for instructing a survey with Wise Property Care. It is our wish that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our customers at all stages before, during and after the survey process.

Our survey promise to you


  • To call and clarify your instructions and to give you the opportunity to advise of any additional details.
  • To research your property to the best of our ability prior to the survey.
  • To provide immediate awareness of any property issues.
  • To provide a full and detailed estimate breakdown on site (when applicable).
  • To provide an explanation of the works required and the ability to amend the estimate if necessary to meet your priorities and needs.
  • To have available potential start dates for any works necessary.
  • To have a speedy estimate sent to you either soon after the surveyor leaves your property or within 24 hours.
  • On acceptance of the Speedy Estimate, a full report emailed to you within 72 hours.

The survey process

At Wise Property Care, we have developed industry leading technology that helps deliver what a customer wants, when they want it. We call it the Wise Speedy Estimate.

All of our surveyors are provided with a tablet using our unique software that prior to the commencement of the survey, they will receive details about your specific needs, the possible issues affecting your property and awareness of the location.

Before the survey takes place

Upon receipt of the details above, our surveyor will look up Google Maps, Google Earth and Streetview to help him understand not only how to find your property, but to gain a better idea of the type of property and the scale and duration of a survey.

This might prompt our surveyor to call and clarify your instructions and to ascertain the preferred date for works. This information will allow our surveyor to confirm with our Contracts Controller if this date is available and if necessary provide alternative dates that might suit your needs.

The Wise Speedy Estimate

As the name suggests, the Wise Speedy Estimate allows us to provide you with a full and detailed estimate providing instant onsite itemised treatments and cost. Unlike anyone else in our industry, it means our surveyors can give:

  • Immediate awareness of property issues
  • Clear, transparent and itemised costs
  • Instantly communicable speedy estimates with sketches and photographs
  • Personalised treatment spec & costs
  • Speedy commencement of work (normally within 5 working days)

It ensures our surveyors can build a tailored personal service by breaking down costs for customers by prioritising issues to fit budgets. It saves time, money and ensures transparency.

More on the Wise Speedy Estimate

Accepting the Speedy Estimate

Should you wish to accept the works and secure your preferred commencement date, our Speedy Estimate technology has the facility to confirm the acceptance electronically by signing the tablet. The surveyor can then email a copy of the Speedy Estimate to you or to your professional advisors either prior to or shortly after leaving your property.

Should you wish time to consider the estimate, our surveyor will simply save the quotation and forward on the Speedy Estimate to you.

Following the Acceptance

Once you have accepted the Speedy Estimate, a detailed survey report and specification (if required) will be sent to you which we would suggest you save in a secure location for inclusion with your title deeds for any future home report that may be instructed on your property.


For more information about why our property surveys are considered one of the best in the industry, view the videos below or visit the links to the web pages below:

Thank you again from everyone at TeamWISE

Once again, let us take this opportunity to say thank you for selecting Wise Property Care to carry out your property survey and if you need to contact us, simply call us FREE on 0800 65 22 678 or click to find your local branch.

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  • Full reports within 72 hours

  • Real and meaningful guarantees

  • Transparent & itemised costs

  • Instant Onsite Diagnosis & Estimates

  • Rated and trusted

  • PCA Award winners

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