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Property Repair survey

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a damp, rot or woodworm issue, a property repair survey is essential to correctly identify the source and extent of the problem and recommend an appropriate treatment or solution.

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What is involved with a property survey?

Not every property surveys will be the same as the methods used by a surveyor will change depending on the nature of the problem affecting your property. That said, a property survey will usually involve two major parts: 

  • Full inspection of the external water management systems of the building 
  • Examination of the interior of the building

Step 1: The external inspection

The first part is a visual inspection of the property’s external water management system. If any external water management has fallen into disrepair this can often be the reason for problems within the property.

The external inspection will typically include our surveyor looking at the condition of the roof covering, the pointing on the chimney stack, the effectiveness of any chimney caps and the condition of lead flashings. In addition, gullies will also be checked for debris and gutters and downpipes for cracks and blockages. The pointing on walls and the condition of the render will be examined for signs of deterioration. Lower walls will also be checked for the presence of an existing damp proof course and to ensure fresh air vents are clear and working properly.

Step 2: The internal inspection

The second part of the survey will examine the interior of the property for signs of damp, decay, mould or infestation. Specialist equipment and the very latest technologies will help our surveyor with the diagnosis. For example, a fibre optic scope may be used to examine areas deep within the walls, behind plaster, ceiling and floor cavities. Thermal imaging cameras may also be used to identify colder areas of the house - a common sign of damp problems.

A further breakdown

Survey process

How soon can a property survey be conducted?

A comprehensive property repair survey from Wise Property Care can normally be carried out within 48 hours of first contact with the company and a speedy estimate can be produced there and then on-site (where appropriate). When required, the survey will be followed up with more in-depth property report within 72 hours of the intial survey.

New survey technology offering speed, transparency and trust

During the survey, our surveyor will record his finding using our unique Wise Speedy Estimate survey technology. As the name suggests, the Wise Speedy Estimate allows us to report on, and if necessary, provide you with a full and detailed on-site estimate with instantly available treatment programmes and costs. It means our surveyors can survey a property faster and more accurately than ever before. Unlike anyone else in our industry, our surveyors can:

  • Report on and provide immediate awareness of any property issue

  • Provide clear, transparent and itemised repair costs

  • Produce Instantly communicable speedy estimates with sketches and photographs

  • Produce a personalised treatment spec & costs on site

  • Organise speedy commencement of repair works (normally within 5 working days)

Built with the needs of our customers in mind, the Speedy Estimate ensures a tailored personal service for you by breaking down costs and prioritising treatments to fit your budget. It saves time, money and ensures complete transparency.

More on the Wise Speedy Estimate

What about a survey report?

A Speedy Estimate will either be emailed to you before, or shortly after, leaving your property, but where necessary a full survey report can be prepared detailing our surveyors observations and recommendations more precisely. This report will include detailed sketches, pictures and a estimate for any property repair costs (when applicable).

How to book a property survey

If you would like a no obligation survey from Wise Property Care, simply click to request a survey and complete the small form. Alternatively, you can call 0800 65 22 678 and speak to our survey control team.

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  • Full reports within 72 hours

  • Real and meaningful guarantees

  • Transparent & itemised costs

  • Instant Onsite Diagnosis & Estimates

  • Rated and trusted

  • PCA Award winners

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