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Q1: What happens during a condition survey?

A condition survey is essentially a property "MOT". A surveyor will assess the property both inside, outside and top to bottom to establish any defects. They may take notes and photograph any areas of concern. They will then feedback any defects cause and affects before recommending suitable treatment options within a detailed report. It is a preventive measure to ensure your property is in good health and stays that way.

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Q2: What does a property survey provide me with?

A detailed report highlighting the root cause of the issue, what areas in the property have been affected, what remedial works are required, how the remedial work will take place and the cost associated with it

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Q3: How much does a property survey cost?

It depends on the location, size and type of property that is being surveyed and how long it would take our surveyor to conduct a fully compressive check both inside and outside the property. However a typical survey would normal cost £120 (ex VAT).

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Q4: How long does a property survey take?

It really depends on the size of the property and the extent of damage our surveyor is accessing. On average though, a property survey takes around 40 minutes.

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Q5: Does a property survey have to be recorded?

No, property surveys do not need to be recorded however, we would strongly recommend you hold onto all the papaer work and reports in case future questions are raised, for example, during the sale of a property.

Q6: What is the property survey price?

Property surveys start from £120 (ex VAT). For this fee a fully qualified professional surveyor will visit your property and give it a full comprehensive check, both indoors and outside, before detailing within a report the root cause of your issue and what remedial works are required.

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