Property Health Check

Is your property fit for purpose?

Is Your Property HeAlthy?

Most homeowners only consider the health of their property when buying or selling, but by giving your property a regular "MOT" you can avoid expensive repairs in the future by catching property problems early.

Putting the car through an MOT is second nature to most motorists, so why not do the same for your home or commercial property? 

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What is involved with a "property MOT"?

A Wise Property Care surveyor can give your home a top to bottom property health check using the latest technology available in our industry. Apart from technology, good old fashioned qualifications and experience will allow our surveyors to make accurate and incisive judgement on the health of your property.

If there are any concerns, we will identify the problem and give advice towards a solution. We will also detail any potential costs associated with having your property repaired.

Property MOT health checks & home reports

Are you about to sell your home and are worried what a Home Report will say about the health and condition of your property? The “Home Report Survey” can often yield some unexpected surprises, and these can have significant consequences to your sale. 

Fortunately, the surveyors at Wise Property Care can give your property a full health check before you go down the path of obtaining your Home Report. 

Our industry qualified surveyors will visit your property and check for any potential property problems and, if necessary, provide you with a treatment or solution that will prevent nasty surprises such as dry rot or damp problems on your Home Report. Any treatment undertaken by Wise will also be backed by our ‘real and meaningful’ property repair guarantee which is transferable to your potential buyer.

All this means you can have peace of mind that your property is fit and healthy for the housing market. 

Organise a property MOT health check

To organise a property MOT health check, call us today on: 08006522678 or contact your local branch.  Alternatively, contact us online using our online contact form.

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