Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging to detect damp and rot

Thermal imaging Property Survey

Do you have a damp problem that will just not go away? With our thermal imaging survey, we can scan a room, or entire building, to detect areas of moisture and damp that would usually reamin unseen with the naked eye.

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what can Thermal imaging discover?

Our thermal imaging survey can detect hidden damp/water leaks and their origin, as well as moisture that cannot be physically reached with moisture meters during a typical property survey. It can also discover problems like trapped moisture, leakage paths, cold bridging, air leaks, leak detection and ineffective rising damp barriers.

How does the thermal imaging survey work?

Almost every object on the planet, however hot or cold, emits some heat energy. Our thermal imaging camera measures this energy release when surveying for hidden damp issues by converting radiant heat energy into a signal that can be displayed on a monitor and printed out.  Check out the examples below.

(click on images above for hi-res version)

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