Crack injection

Crack Injection for Wall Crack Repair

Using crack injection resins to repair cracks in brickwork, concrete or masonry is a well established, effective and economical structural repair technique. Despite crack injection being popular throughout mainland Europe, Wise Property Care is one of only a handful of specialists in the country with crack injection technology. This makes us go-to experts when it comes to solving wall crack repair or any structural repairs using this technique.

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Our unique crack injection system

Our crack injection system has been specifically developed to:

  • Provide structural repairs that will restore the concrete, brickwork or stonework to its original strength.
  • Prevent further damage that is likely to be caused by the passage or leakage of water.
  • Repair concrete and brickwork with minimum surface damage.
  • Make more rapid and economical repairs.
  • Provide a waterproof seal and prevent further water ingress.

When to use crack injection

Our crack injection repair solution is perfect for problems such as:

  • Flooding lift pits.
  • Leaking construction joints.
  • Water entering a structure under pressure.

Crack injection is exceptionally versatile. It can be used in almost any property from domestic residences to large structures such as multi storey car parks and tunnels when using specialised resins.

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Benefits of our crack injection solution

Because our crack injection is a mechanical sealant, environmental influences like dust and moisture will not obstruct any bond. Furthermore, due to the very quick chemical reaction the results are immediately visible. In minor cracks the reaction mechanism of injection resin takes care of the marginal filling of the cracks. Even large structural cracks with gushing leaks can be sealed without it being necessary to block the hydraulic pressure.

Further information and help regarding crack injection

For further information or help regarding our crack injection solution for structural repairs, or if you suspect your property may require structural survey, call Wise Property Care today or you can request a property survey online.

With our 10 year structural property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your structural repair problem will soon be over.

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