Crack stitiching

Crack stitching For Wall Repair

Crack stitching is a permanent structural repair for cracked masonary and wall reinforcement. Simple and effective, our crack stitching repair process involves rods that are grouted across cracks in walls in oreder to reconnect and strengthen masonry.

A crack stitching repair provides excellent resilience against further cracking with minimal cost and little disruption. If you think this might be the solution for your property problem, or you would simply like to ask us more about crack stitching click the button below to contact our team.

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How crack stitching works

Our crack stitching bars are reinforced stainless steel rods that are chemically bonded into bed joints. These rods stitch together cracks found within a property, redistributing tensile forces and stabilising structural integrity. The bed joints are cut out with specialist dust extraction cutting equipment and then the crack stitching bar is grouted in place to prevent any future movement.

To finish, our crack stitching bars are hidden on completion, meaning your property can retain the original character of its wall.

When to use crack stitching bars

Crack stitching is used when a building starts to get vertical cracking. Typically crack stitching is perfect for cracked masonry, but it should only be applied once the cause of the crack has been determined.

Benefits of cracked stitching:

  • Quick, simple, effective and permanent.
  • The grout combination provides an excellent bond.
  • Masonry remains flexible enough to accommodate natural building movement.
  • Non-disruptive structural stabilisation with no additional stress.

Installation of our crack stitching bars should cause minimal inconvenience to the occupants of a property. Once the crack has been filled, and re-pointing has taken place, there will be little remaining evidence that our crack stitching bars have been installed.

Further information and help regarding crack stitching

For further information or help regarding crack stitching, or if you suspect your property may require structural repairs, call Wise Property Care today or you can request a property survey online.

With our 10 year structural property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your structural repair problem will soon be over.

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