Timber repair

Repair solutions for structural timber

How to Make timber repairs

Traditionally speaking, structural timber repairs have always been an expensive and time consuming operation. From timber repairs within the lintel of a Georgian or sandstone terrace, to the huge timber tie beams in a barn conversion; if a new piece of timber could not be spliced, or bolted on, the lot had to come out often leading to expensive structural repairs.

Thankfully at Wise Property Care, with our extensive experience within timber repairs and the associated remedial issues that often come with it, we like to think that we make timber repair look an easier and more cost-effective process.

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when is timber repair required?

Generally the main culprits for rotten timbers are damp related conditions like wet rot or dry rot. When dry rot or wet rot occurs within timber, it can often, usually result with extensive work to replace the timber, bolt on steel plates, or "side-splice" new and existing timber.

Solutions for timber repairs

At Wise Property Care, we pride ourselves on not only recommending the best timber repair method for you, but also providing you with a choice of techniques used to fix your timber problem for good.

We have timber repair solutions for:

  • Repairing Joist ends
  • Treating joist ends
  • Repairing carrier beams
  • Treating carrier beams and wall plates
  • Beam strengthening
  • Timber resin splices

Whether it is treating the timber or using resins to repair joist ends, you can feel confident that our highly experienced and qualified surveyors & technicians will have a suitable timber repair solution for you.

Further information and help regarding timber repairs

For further information or help regarding timber repairs, or if you suspect your property may require structural repairs, call Wise Property Care today or you can request a property survey online.

With our property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your timber repair problem will soon be over.

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