In this case study, Wise Property Care surveyor Roddy McKenzie talks us through extensive timber repairs in a roof. A large roof truss and some supporting timbers have been severely affected by water ingress, resulting in dry rot and wet rot within the timber.

In the video Roddy shows us how rot has severely affected the structural integrity of the timber before showing off the new roof truss we have installed.

Click the video above to enjoy Roddy's expert knowledge in this interesting case study.

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More information on dry rot and wet rot

Dry rot and Wet rot are two different conditions that can often occur within the same property. It is importnant to know the difference between the two though as dry rot is a far more severe timber condition than wet rot and requires different types of treatment.

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Find out more about dry rot and why it is one of the most damaging conditions timber can suffer from.

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Find out more about wet rot and how it affects the structural integrity of timbers within properties.

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