DIY Wet Rot Tips

Can you fix it?

Treating Wet Rot yourself

The effect wet rot has on a property can range from the manageable (a squishy chipboard floor) to major (loss of structural integrity of important structural timbers). If you feel your wet rot problem is something you can tackle alone, here are some tips for DIY wet rot treatment.

1. Identify the source of water ingress

After identifying you have wet rot, the first and most important step is figuring out what has caused it. In most cases the cause will be obvious, if the rot is appearing near a washing machine or a bath for example the chances are you have a leak to fix. This is usually easily remedied. However, if the moisture ingress is not so easily identified, seeping in from underground for example, then an expert wet rot survey may be required.

2. Allow the timber to dry

The next step is to dry out the area to see what timber has been affected by wet rot and requires to be removed.

3. Remove affected timber

Anywhere that wet rot has penetrated deep into timber you will need to remove any structurally weakened timber sections. These weakened timbers will be identifiable by cracked (cuboidal) crumbling damp timber often accompanied by localised patches of fungus.

4. Evaluate the size of the job

It is possible that timber surrounding the wet rot will be fit for purpose and salvageable. In this instance you may be able to splice new timber onto old, particularly if a small area is affected, otherwise entire sections of timber will need to be replaced

5. Treat the timber

To avoid the possibility of fungal regrowth, treat all new & surrounding wood with a good quality preservative. Allow the whole area to dry out again before sealing it off.

6. Be vigilant

Finally, keep an eye out for any signs of the wet rot returning. If you catch it early it will be less work next time.

7. Do not start a job you cannot finish

Most enthusiastic DIY fans will feel they can take on the world when comes to fixing things up, but wet rot can cause severe structural problems to your property if it is handled badly. If you find wet rot in an area of your property that could compromise its structural integrity we would always recommend professional treatment.

professional wet Rot Treatment

Talk to a Wet rot expert

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