Signs of Woodworm

Identify the tell tale signs of woodworm

Identify the Signs of Woodworm

Unsure if you have a woodworm infestation? That is understandable as it can be very difficult to see the woodworm beetles never mind the woodworm larvae that bore through the timber. However, what you will be able to spot are the typical tell tale signs that indicate a possible woodworm infestation. If the following tell tale signs sound familar to an issue you have then visit our woodworm treatment web page for hints, tips and professional advice. 

If you have spotted the signs of woodworm in your property then the next step is getting the problem evaluated by a professional surveyor. The team at Wise Property Care are qualified, experienced and highly trained when it comes to woodoworm treament so you can be sure that your property is in the safest hands.

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Tell tale signs of a woodworm infestation

There are various tell tale signs that can help you identify woodworm and a potential woodworm infestation.  They include:

Tell tale sign 1 - Small round exit holes

Look out for small round exit holes. The holes will be similar in sizes to the holes in a dart board (approx 2mm). Depending on the level of the infestation, you may need to have a very keen eye to identify all the areas.  To give you a better idea of what to look out for, review the pictures below. 

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Tell tale sign 2 - fine, powdery dust

Fine, powdery dust ( the insects excreta) can often be found around the exit holes mentioned above, this is known as frass. Even if you cannot see any holes, you might find frass escaping from the back or underside of old furniture. Again this could suggest an active woodworm infestation. Refer to the pictures below to gain a better understanding of what frass looks like.

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Tell tale sign 3 - Crumbly edges to boards and joists

As the woodworm infestation progresses, gradually you may begin to notice crumbly edges to floor boards and joists. This is simply due to the edges of the timber crumbing as a result of wear and tear around the multiple woodworm boreholes close to the edge of the timber.

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Tell tale sign 4 - Tunnels within the timber

If you are able to cut and inspect the timber, then an obvious sign of woodworm will be a variety of small tunnels that have been bored into the wood. You can see example of what you should look for within the images below.

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Tell tale sign 5 - Weak or damaged timbers or flooring

If you come across weak or damaged flooring or timber, take this as a signal that something is untoward regarding the timber. It might be the case that its a dry rot or wet rot issue rather than a woodworm issue. We would suggest however, that you review the tell tale tips above to see if you have an evidence of woodworm. If in doubt, we would suggest you get someone to come and inspect the timber in question.

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Tell tale sign 6 - beetles emerging from holes

If its the case you are seeing beetles emerging from timbers and on closer inspection you see more holes within the timber then take this a a clear tell tale sign there is an issue.

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Tell tale sign 7 - dead beetles

If you suspect a woodworm issue and notice dead beetles close to the proximity of holes in your timber then your suspicions are most likely right. That is not to say you still have a problem. It might be the case that it was a previous woodworm infestation that's no longer active. What we would suggest however, is for it to be checked out by a suitably qualified surveyor.

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Not all woodworm tell tale signs are cause for concern

Not all of these woodworm signs above are cause for concern. Holes and frass might just indicate a previous woodworm infestation, long since dormant. Certainly, if you are unsure, it is always advisable to consult a woodworm specialist. Please feel free to contact us at Wise Property Care for any help, advice. Alternatively, click to organise a professional woodworm survey.

Treat a woodworm issue

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What is woodworm

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