Woodward (aka Woodworm)

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Woodward: A timber munching menace

Woodward (aka Woodworm) is a pesky little critter that can cause damage to any property on your world map. Check out his "problem profile" below to find out about his ferocious appetite for timber and more...

Woodward: Problem Profile

Woodworm: Problem Profile

Where to find woodward

If you wanted to find Woodward (though we are not sure why you would), woodworm like him prefer soft wood and humid conditions. In their "fully evolved" adult form, woodworm beetles are most active in the summer; this is when they like to breed and begin their "egg cycle".

When it comes to woodworm you certainly do not want your property to "catch em".

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If you think Woodward or any of his pesky woodworm buddies might be affecting your property, then call Wise Property Care on to arrange a woodworm survey. Our expert team will be able to professionally diagnose the condition and develop a woodworm treatment programme specifically tailored with your property in mind.

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