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There are many varieties of the woodworm beetle all with their distinctive looks and patterns. Moreover, there is also the woodworm larve to consider as it is actually the larvae that does the damage to your timbers.

The image guide below should help give you a better understanding of what woodworm actually look like. If not, visit our woodworm homepage for a handy video and additional information.

If you belive you have spoteted the signs of woodworm in your property our expert team are waiting to take your call. Wise Property Care offer professional woodworm treatments that are all backed up by a 20-year guiarantee.

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What woodworm damage looks like

What the Common furniture beetle looks like

What the Powderpost beetle looks like

What the Death Watch beetle looks like

What the House Longhorn beetle looks like

What woodworm larvae looks like

What is woodworm

Want to learn more about woodworm. Check out our knowledge guide and additional information pages

What exactly is woodworm

Woodworm tell tale signs

Suspect you have a woodworm issue. Visit our identify woodworm webpage to learn about the tell tale signs

Woodworm signs

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Do you recognise the beetles, larvae or damage in the images above? Are you concerned you might have a woodworm issue? Do you want to speak to an expert about woodworm treatment?

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