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Condensation happens in almost every property around world, but it is also an underestimated cause of water damage, and is almost certainly the most common cause of excess moisture and black mould in buildings. Thankfully, there are various condensation treatments that can deal with the problem no matter how severe it gets.

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Why is condensation a problem?

From breathing to boiling the kettle, condensation is simply the moisture caused by everyday living. Moisture is abundant in the warm atmosphere of your property, but when the property cools down this moisture will condense and settle on cool surfaces. Without regular ventilation, condensation often results in unhealthy living conditions with black mould growth, peeling decorations, damage to fabrics and unpleasant musty damp smells occurring within a property. At its most severe, condensation can even result in permanent damage to plaster and timber.

Ironically, condensation problems are largely the result of improved standards of living. Insulation, double glazing and draught proofing all give the benefit of better heat retention but they can sometimes result in properties suffering from a lack of air ventilation and trapped moisture. 

What causes condensation

If you suspect your property has a condensation problem, find out more about what the root causes might be.

Condensation causes

Identify condensation

Unsure if you have a condensation problem? There are a few common signs of condensation that you should be aware of.

Condensation signs

Common signs of condensation

The common signs of condensation include:

  • Water collecting on the inside of windows or on the window sill 
  • Water collecting on non-absorbent surfaces like tiles
  • Black mould growth on walls and skirting
  • Rotting and peeling of wall paper
  • Mould growing on clothes and other fabrics
  • A strong musty smell

Condensation problems can affect any part of a property but the places it is most commonly noticed are around windows, particularly those with double glazing.

solving a condensation problem

It is unlikely that a home in the UK will never suffer from condensation as most of us do not want to keep our windows open particularly when it is cold outside. If you have a condensation problem, look at our condensation treatment solutions below and select the one that best suits your needs.

Condensation treatment

Condensation treatment can range from simple lifestyle changes to the instillation of mechanical ventilation. What does your property need?

Condensation treatment

Contact a condensation pro

At Wise Property Care we are experts when it comes to treating and eradicating condensation problems. Find out more about our professional surveys.

Condensation survey

Contact a condensation expert

If your property needs professional condensation consultation, call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 to book a survey use our online contact form to pose a question to one of our condensation experts.

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