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What is Condensation?

Condensation happens in almost every property around world, but it is also an underestimated cause of water damage, and is certainly the most common cause of excess moisture and black mould in buildings. Thankfully, there are various condensation treatments that can deal with the problem no matter how severe it gets.

What causes Condensation?

Condensation moisture in the air can come from a variety of sources within your property. Water vapour is produced in relatively large quantities from normal day-to-day activities which inevitably can lead to condensation in the property. For example, a five person household puts about 10 litres of water into the air every day. More examples include:

  • Breathing (asleep) 0.3 litres
  • Breathing (awake) 0.85 litres
  • Cooking 3 litres
  • Personal washing 1.0 litres
  • Washing and drying clothes 5.5 litres
  • Heating - especially paraffin and fuel-less gas heaters

Moisture can also be drawn from the structure of the building into the internal air; from below the floor or through the walls/ceilings
The actions that cause condensation are often essential to everyday living and therefore unavoidable, however, simple lifestyle changes and improved air ventilation can minimise the impact condensation has on a property.

Common Signs of Condensation

The common signs of condensation include:

  • Water collecting on the inside of windows or on the window sill 
  • Water collecting on non-absorbent surfaces like tiles
  • Black mould growth on walls and skirting
  • Rotting and peeling of wall paper
  • Mould growing on clothes and other fabrics
  • A strong musty smell

Condensation problems can affect any part of a property but the places it is most commonly noticed are around windows, particularly those with double glazing.

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Why is Condensation a Problem?

Without regular ventilation, condensation often results in unhealthy living conditions with black mould growth, peeling decorations, damage to fabrics and unpleasant musty damp smells occurring within a property. At its most severe, condensation can even result in permanent damage to plaster and timber.

Ironically, condensation problems are largely the result of improved standards of living. Insulation, double glazing and draught proofing all give the benefit of better heat retention but they can sometimes result in properties suffering from a lack of air ventilation and trapped moisture.

Solving a Condensation Problem

Condensation treatment can range from simple lifestyle changes to the instillation of mechanical ventilation, but how do you know what your property needs? Click the button below to find out about the range of DIY and professional treatments available and when each is appropriate

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