Wise Property Care is rated and approved by Which? Trusted Traders, Trust Mark, Safe Contractor, Constructionline and the Property Care Association (PCA) and have been delivering excellent damp proofingdry rotwet rot and woodworm treatments with long-term guarantees for more than 20 years.

Our specialist structural waterproofing division Wise Basement Systems also operates in Central Scotland, meaning that our industry backed waterproofing solutions are available for residential and commercial basements and cellars in Falkirk, Stirling and the surround areas.

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Our Central Scotland team will be able to survey, identify and provide treatment for all of the following property issues:

We have local teams of surveyors and technicians on hand and ready to take your call. If you need any of the above problems fixed do not hesitate to call Wise Property care today to speak to our expert team. You can also request a survey online, our Central Scotland team will get in touch with you at a time of your convenience.

  • Identify type of damp – Our surveyor will investigate the signs of damp problems in property and identify the type of damp that is present.
  • Cause of damp – The surveyor will inspect the property both internally and externally to determine the source of moisture that is causing the damp problem to occur.
  • Timber decay – Inspect the building’s structure and establish if the damp has resulted in dry rot or wet rot.
  • Woodworm – Damp timber is the ideal location for woodworm beetles to lay their eggs. If there is, the surveyor will be able to identify any signs of a woodworm infestation.
  • Treatment plan – Following the damp survey, our surveyor will provide a detailed written damp report, highlighting any problems found in the property. If necessary, the report will include a proposed treatment plan specifically tailored to your property.

  • Finding and eliminating the source of moisture ingress, causing penetrating damp to occur
  • Masonry protection cream to help brickwork repel wind driven rain and prevent water ingress.
  • Drying out the affected area, so re plastering can begin, and any rotten timber replaced
  • If necessary, apply a masonry protection cream to help brickwork repel wind driven rain and prevent water ingress


  • Thermal plastering
  • PIV units
  • Air quality monitors

  • Determine if the infestation is still active, and how far it has spread around a property
  • Identify the type of woodworm present in the property, and create a tailored treatment plan specifically to that woodworm species.
  • Where possible, repair current timbers, or if necessary replace the weakened timbers with new timber
  • Establish if wet or dry rot is present in a property, and create a treatment plan depending on the type of rot present.
  • If rot is identified, the surveyor will determine how far the infestation has spread
  • Remove the source of moisture that is allowing dry or wet rot to occur
  • Restore affected timber, and remove all decayed timber and replace with pre treated timber.
  • Apply a fungicidal treatment to nearby timber to prevent the rot spreading


With local surveyors and repair teams based throughout the area, you can call our Central Scotland team to speak to them about any property problems you may have. Alternatively, use the form below.

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