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Cost effective solutions for black mould

Black Mould Treatment

As condensation and damp specialists, we see the effects of condensation within properties on a daily basis. Using our vast experience, we have selected a range of condensation products we believe will help alleviate damp and treat condensation problems in the majority of homes.  

Our DIY Condensation products

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Mould Control Kit

This mould control kit is easy to use and will kill black mould while preventing future growth. The kit contains Anti-Mould Spray, Anti-Mould Paint Additives and equipment for application.

Only £29.99
Wise property care service

Anti-mould paint additive.

This paint additive mixes with all paints to prevent mould re-growth on walls and organic surfaces. One bottle is good for 5 litres of paint.

£9.99 per bottle
Wise property care service

Thermaldry Anti-condensation Paint

Available in 2.5 and 5 litre pots, this damp proof paint contains glass micro-beads specifically designed to resist the formation of condensation on ceilings and walls.

From £25.99
Wise property care service

Anti-Mould Spray

Our steriliser and mould killer spray is a powerful spray that contains a mouldicide that specifically targets and kills black mould growth. 1 litre of this black mould remover covers up 10m².

Only £16.99

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