Woodworm Treatment

A guide to diagnosing a woodworm infestation in your property and advice on long-term woodworm solutions

How to Treat Woodworm

Woodworm infestations can vary massively in terms of size and potential damage. Furniture affected by woodworm can likely be treated with DIY products, whereas infestations in structural timbers such as beams, floorboards and joists will require professional attention.

Wise Property Care has been helping people with woodworm problems for more than 20 years. Our help, advice and effective woodworm treatments are provided by qualified surveyors and experienced technicians and we have used their knowledge and expertise to put the following guide together.

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What is Woodworm?

First and foremost – Woodworm is not a worm. Woodworm is a common term for the larvae stage of a variety of wood boring beetles. These beetles are most active from early springtime to mid-autumn and during this time they breed and target exposed untreated timber as an ideal home for their eggs. When these eggs hatch they release larvae that burrow into the wood for anything up to five years, and it is this prolonged burrowing that can weaken structural timbers to breaking point.

There are several species of wood boring beetle found in the UK, but the most common source of woodworm damage comes from the larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum).

Common Furniture Beetle

The Common Furniture Beetle is, as the name would suggest, common throughout most of the UK. This beetle can find a home for its larvae in softwood and hardwood, so floorboards, structural beams, furniture and skirting can all suffer from an infestation. However, female Common Furniture Beetles do prefer damp wood as this increases the survival rate of their larvae – making properties with high relative humidity particularly at risk.

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Other Wood Boring Beetle Species

Deathwatch beetles, House Longhorn beetles and Powderpost Beetles are all capable of causing damage to timber by laying their eggs in it though most of these beetles are localised to certain areas of the country. House Longhorn beetles, for example, are rarely found outside the south east of England.

If you want some help identifying beetles check out our woodworm beetle page.

Signs of a Woodworm Infestation

Spotting an active woodworm infestation is tricky as the larvae can burrow through timber unnoticed for long periods. Crumbling wood, exit holes and tunnels in timber are all signs that woodworm has been present but not necessarily active. Whereas frass (damp, sawdust-like, residue left by the larvae) and beetles are signs that an infestation may be active.

Damaged Caused by Woodworm

The severity of damage caused by a woodworm infestation all depends on the size of the infestation and the type of timber affected. Not every woodworm infestation will be a structural risk, but all woodworm infestations have the potential to spread when the adult beetles emerge. Wherever an infestation is located woodworm will weaken timber, so an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is always recommended.

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How to get rid of Woodworm

There are DIY and professional ways to get rid of woodworm and deciding which you need is not easy.

DIY Woodworm Treatment

The DIY option requires buying and applying woodworm treatment products from DIY or hardware stockists. These easily bought liquids will kill larvae but we would only recommend them for decorative timber or furniture as they do not carry any guarantee if they fail and do not address the source of the problem (i.e. a humidity problem in your property attracting beetles).

Professional Woodworm Treatment

Professional woodworm treatment from Wise Property Care will get rid of woodworm and we will back up any treatment we do with a long-term guarantee.

Our surveyors and technicians trained and experienced in diagnosing the full extent of woodworm problems and providing the right treatment plan.

Our professional woodworm treatments will be tailored to suit your property and our methods are accredited by Which? Trusted Traders, The Property Care Association, Trust Mark and other trade bodies for complete peace of mind.

What happens during a Woodworm Survey?

The fully qualified and trained surveyors and technicians at Wise Property Care will do the following:

  • Identifying all the areas affected by woodworm, identifying the woodworm species and whether the infestation is still active
  • Carry out structural tests to determine whether the timber needs repairing, replaced or simply treated
  • Identify the most appropriate woodworm treatment necessary for your property
  • Carry out all woodworm treatments and repairs
  • Ensure your property is left clean and safe

Whatever the woodworm treatment that may be required, it carries the benefit of a Wise Property Care 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing of an award winning and leading woodworm specialist.

How much does Woodworm Treatment Cost?

In order to provide an accurate quotation for woodworm treatment, one of our surveyors will need to carry out a full woodworm survey to determine the best treatment for the property. The type of woodworm treatment a property requires can vary greatly depending on the size of the infestation and the extent of the damage caused by the wood boring beetles. Due to the number of variables, it is not possible to provide an accurate cost for woodworm treatment until a woodworm survey has taken place.

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