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Woodworm Treatment - Help and Advice

Woodworm treatment is essential when there is an active woodworm infestation in the structural timbers of your property. Left untreated these pernicious property pests will weaken timbers to a point where they become structurally unsound.

As award winning leaders within our industry, Wise Property Care are timber and woodworm treatment experts. Our woodworm treatment and timber preservation techniques are clean, simple and use modern, water based micro emulsion insecticides.

Get in touch with our expert team today to book a professional woodworm survey from one of our qualified and experienced experts. Our help, advice, woodworm treatment and diagnostics are rated and approved by Which?, TrustMark, The Property Care Association and more...

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What is Woodworm?

The thing that surprises most people about woodworm is the fact that it is actually not a worm. Woodworm is a generic term used to describve to the larvae of wood boring insects like beetles or weevils. These insects lay their eggs in small cracks in timber and these eggs hatch into larvae that feast on the cellulose in the wood. The larvae can remain in the timber for as long as five years before maturing into adult beetles, and five years worth of tunneling can result in structural damage.

These larvae particularly like humid atmospheres and this is why they are often found in timber beams in lofts. That said, woodworm can be perfectly happy munching away on furniture, skirting and floorboards.

There are a great number of beetles and weevils in the UK, but by far the most common culprit when it comes to property infestations is the Common Furniture Beetle (pictured below).


Woodworm treatment can vary in difficulty depending on the kind of timber that has been infested. DIY treatments are perfectly acceptable in some cases, but when it comes to the structural timber in you home we would always reccomend professional treatment to ensure your property remians safe and sound.

Another advatange of professional treatment is that it will come with a long-term woodoworm treatment guarantee.

Professional Woodworm Treatment

Once a professional surveyor has established the extent of the woodworm infestation an appropriate woodworm treatment can be recommended.

When a woodworm infestation is not too severe only the surfaces of the timbers need to be treated to kill any emerging woodworm beetles and prevent them from mating and laying more eggs. This simple step will stop the woodworm lifecycle starting all over again. Normally, a woodworm treatment spray is very cost effective and with Wise Property Care it will be covered by a 20 year property repair guarantee.

In more serious woodworm cases our trained technicians may have to introduce a range of chemical treatments and/or fumigation techniques.  In the most severe instances where a woodworm survey reveals severe damage to the structural timber, it may be necessary to replace part or all of the affected timbers.

Woodworm can seriously affect the structural integrity of your property, so we would always recommend that you leave the woodworm treatment in the hands of professionals. Our trained woodworm specialists will ensure the infestation is treated correctly and ensure the wood boring beetles do not spread to other structural and decorative timber in your home.

DIY Woodworm Treatment

There are various DIY woodworm treatments available which can be used to treat woodworm depending on the extent of the infestation. If you are certain that the infestation is limited to a piece of furniture or single object, then professional woodworm treatment is probably not required.

However, it is important to note that wood boring beetles can spread from infested furniture to other timber in your home. If you have treated a piece of furniture with DIY woodworm treatment, it is important to inspect timber frames, skirting and floorboards in your home for signs of woodworm to ensure that the infestation has not spread around your home. If you do spot the signs of wood boring beetles around your home, then we would recommend contacting Wise Property Care as professional woodworm treatment may be required to eliminate the infestation.

Our woodworm treatment credentials

Wise are a woodworm specialist rated and approved by Which?, Trustmark, Safe Contractor and the PCA, find out why we are so great when it comes to treating woodworm.

Book a woodworm survey

what does a woodworm treatment survey involve?  

Our fully qualified and trained surveyors and technicians will:

  • Start by identifying all the areas affected by woodworm, identifying the woodworm species and whether the infestation is still active
  • Carry out structural tests to determine whether the timber needs repairing, replaced or simply treated
  • Identify the most appropriate woodworm treatment necessary for your property
  • Carry out all woodworm treatments and repairs
  • Ensure your property is left clean and safe

Whatever the woodworm treatment that may be required, it carries the benefit of a Wise Property Care 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing and peace of mind from Scotland's Award Winning and leading woodworm specialist.

More about our woodworm surveys

How much does woodworm treatment cost?

In order to provide an accurate quotation for woodworm treatment, one of our professionally trained woodworm specialists will need to carry out a full woodworm survey to determine the best woodworm treatment for the property. The type of woodworm treatment a property requires can vary greatly due to the size of the infestation and the extent of the damage caused by the wood boring beetles. Due to the number of variables, it is not possible to provide an accurate cost for woodworm treatment until a woodworm survey has taken place.

Contact our woodworm treatment specialists

We understand the prospect of treating a woodworm issue might be daunting. If you suspect your property may require woodworm treatment and you are looking for professional help then we are here to help. Our woodworm specialists have decades of experieince and expertise and can provide you with a solution on how to treat woodworm in your home. Call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or click to contact your local branch.

Alternatively, scroll down to complete our contact form or click to request a woodworm survey.

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