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If you are in any doubt about the presence of woodworm in your home, a then a woodworm survey from a professionally qualified woodworm surveyor will be able to identify this using their experience and specialist equipment.   

As award winning specialists and leaders within our industry, Wise Property Care are at the leading edge of timber and woodworm treatment and we are experts at identifying wood boring insects.  Our woodworm treatment and timber preservation techniques are clean and simple using modern, water based micro emulsion insecticides.

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1st step to treating woodworm

When it comes to woodworm treatment, the first step is to fully establish the extent of the woodworm infestation.  Key to establishing the extent of the woodworm issue is a very keen eye. The holes that woodworm beetles bury out of are very small and easily missed or interpreted as something else. You want to ensure to inspect all the timbers in the area very closely, even the timbers that are not exposed. Once the extent of the woodworm infestation is known an appropriate woodworm treatment can be recommended.

For woodworm infestations that are not severe, normally only the surfaces of the timbers need to be treated to kill any emerging woodworm beetles to prevent them from mating and laying more eggs within the timber resulting in woodworm lifecycle starting all over again.  Normally, a woodworm treatment spray is very cost effective and if you use a professional like ourselves, is covered by a 20 year property repair guarantee.

For more serious woodworm cases however, it may be necessary to introduce a range of chemical treatments and/or fumigation techniques.  In the most severe instances where a woodworm survey reveals damage to the structure of the timber, it may be necessary to replace part or all of the affected timbers.

Our woodworm treatment credentials

As the ONLY woodworm specialist regulated by the RICS with the additional backing of "Which?" and the PCA, find out why we are so great when it comes to treating woodworm.

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How we approach woodworm treatment 

Our fully qualified and trained surveyors and technicians will:

  1. Start by identifying all the areas affected by woodworm, identifying the woodworm species and whether the infestation is still active
  2. Carry out structural tests to determine whether the timber needs repairing, replaced or simply treated
  3. Identify the most appropriate woodworm treatment necessary for your property
  4. Carry out all woodworm treatments and repairs
  5. Ensure your property is left clean and safe

Whatever the woodworm treatment that may be required, it carries the benefit of a Wise Property Care 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing and peace of mind from Scotland's Award Winning and leading woodworm specialist.

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We understand the prospect of treating a woodworm issue might be daunting. If you suspect your property may require woodworm treatment and you are looking for professional help then we are here to help. Call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or click to contact your local branch.

Alternatively, scroll down to complete our contact form or click to request a woodworm survey.


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