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Woodworm - Damage to structural Timbers

Woodworm damage becomes a real concern when an infestation is active the structural timbers of your property. This is when woodworm has the potential to cause more than superficial damage and actually affect the structural integrity of your home or business premises.

If you have spotted woodworm damage in your property Wise Property Care have the skills and expertise to solve the problem. From the intial survey from our qualified and experienced surevyors to the professional treatments applied by our trained techhnicians, we can build value back into your property no matter how severe your woodworm problems are.

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What sort of damage can woodworm do to a property?

When it comes to the level of damage caused by woodworm within a property, it typically depends on the type of woodworm beetle that is attacking the timber and the extent of the infestation.

For example, the Common Furniture Beetle’s tunnels can be relatively short but extensive that can lead to the loss of structural integrity of parts of the timber over time. Whereas the House Longhorn beetle’s can cause severe damage to timber over a shorter time, especially in sapwood.

Put simply, if woodworm is left untread it always has the potential to weaken timber to breaking point.

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Should I worry about the damage caused by woodworm?

In terms of how concerned you are over the suspected woodworm infestation, it really depends on how long the Woodworm has been active and how extensive the amount of borehole damage there is within the infected area(s).

Whatever the damage, it is always advisable to to get it properly identified to determine whether it is something to worry about and if woodworm treatment is justified.

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Still concerned about damage caused by woodworm?

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