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When it comes to the damage caused by woodworm within our properties it typically depends on the type of woodworm beetle that is attacking the timber. For example, the Common Furniture Beetle’s tunnels can be relatively short but extensive that can lead to the loss of structural integrity of parts of the timber over time. Whereas the House Longhorn beetle’s damage on timber can be very severe, especially in sapwood. Over a period of time the House Longhorn can cause the structural collapse for example of roof timbers.

What sort of damage can woodworm do to a property?

In most cases, the level of damage caused by Woodworm is superficial. More often than not it is simply a case of a series of pin sized holes within limited areas that is cost effective and relatively easy to treat.

From time to time however, we do come across instances whereby the infestation has materially reduced the timbers structural integrity. 

Should I worry about the damage caused by woodworm?

In terms of how concerned you are over the suspected woodworm infestation, it really depends on how long the Woodworm has been active and how extensive the amount of borehole damage there is within the infected area(s).

It usually takes a long time for a woodworm infestation to cause  the loss of the timbers structural integrity. However, if you have known about a woodworm infestation for many years that you suspect may still be active then, yes, we would suggest that it prudent you should be concerned.

Whatever the damage, it is always advisable to to get it properly identified to determine whether it is something to worry about and if woodworm treatment is justified.

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Is treatment always necessary?

Just because you have come across timber with many pin holes within it does not automatically mean you need to have woodworm treatment. The flight holes created by woodworm might be from a woodworm infestation that is no longer active. In other situations a piece of timber showing evidence of an infestation may have been introduced into a property, however the type of infestation may only be able to survive in the standing or freshly felled tree and is not able to survive in seasoned timber used in construction. The Bark Borer beetle for example is often wrongly identified as active Common Furniture Beetle when all that is required is to remove the infested bark from the timbers concerned.

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Still concerned about damage caused by woodworm?

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