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Our air ventilation systems offer a full range of ventilation and air management solutions to alleviate the effects of condensation, black mould and poor air quality within domestic and commercial properties.

The systems we install are award-winning and designed to beat the toughest condensation and black mould removal issues within a property and ensure that poor air quality does not create an unhealthy living environment within our homes and properties.

Air ventilation - product range

Along with our eco-friendly energy saver technology, which is widely acknowledged as contributing to reducing the carbon footprint in housing association and local authority properties, our air ventilation system product range includes:


An effective, reliable and discrete solution for the whole house towards condensation, black mould and air quality issues.

Positive pressure ventilation


Kitchen and bathroom fans extract the warm, moist air from your home and put it safely outside your property which will prevent condensation.

Kitchen & bathroom ventilation fans

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