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Our wall vents for condensation offer a full range of ventilation and air management solutions to alleviate the effects of black mould and poor air quality within domestic and commercial properties.

The systems we install are award-winning and designed to beat the toughest condensation and black mould issues within a property and ensure that poor air quality does not create an unhealthy living environment within our homes and properties.

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Why do I need condensation ventilation?

The most common problem caused by poor ventilation is condensation. When moist air cannot effectively escape your property, the moisture will eventually settle on cold surfaces when the temperature drops. This moisture tends to settle on windows, window frames and external walls where it provides the perfect breeding ground for black mould.

If you have noticed problems like mould patches, damaged plaster or peeling wallpaper around your windows or on your walls then condensation control vents will likely be the ideal solution.

How kitchen and bathroom ventilation works

Kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems extract the warm, moist air from your home and put it safely outside your property which will prevent condensation. When the fan is not in operation it will automatically close over its vents so it does not allow cold air into your property.

Bathroom ventilation

There is a high risk of ventilation issues occurring in bathrooms due to excess moisture being formed from showering. This excess moisture must be sufficiently ventilated out of the property before it lands and settles on walls and ceilings. Failure to do so can result in unsightly property issues such as black mould growth on grouting, mastic, walls, windowsills and ceiling. There is also potential for more significant property problems if excess moisture soaks timber. A bathroom ventilation system ensures that excess moisture from showering and bathing is ventilated out of the property before it has the opportunity to land on surfaces and form droplets.

Kitchen ventilation

Significant amounts of moisture is created in kitchens from cooking which also increases the risk of condensation. Kitchens must be sufficiently ventilated or face the risk of black mould growth and damage to wallpaper, tile grouting and paint. Condensation in kitchens is often accompanied by a damp musty smell and potential for more significant damp issues. Kitchen ventilation will remove the excess moisture formed from everyday tasks preventing it from landing on surfaces and causing property damage.

Types of Kitchen and Bathroom Ventilation

If simple lifestyle changes such as opening windows and keeping doors closed does not get rid of a condensation issue, it may be necessary to install a ventilation system to ensure excess moisture is ventilated before it can cause property damage. Here at Wise Property Care, we can install a variety of ventilation systems to ensure a property is sufficiently protected.

Datamatic Ventilation

Datamatic ventilation fans record and hold up to 60 weeks of continuous data that can be downloaded and read at any time. The Datamatic ventilation fans are popular for dealing with condensation and mould issues within our bathroom and kitchen ventilation system range. Our Datamatic ventilation are built to keep your property healthy, free of condensation and to keep you informed about the levels of dampness and humidity within your property.

Sensamatic ventilation

Sensamatic ventilation fans are perfect for both the bathroom and kitchen. They automatically pick up rising levels of humidity and will reactively work to ensure humidity is reduced to a pre-set level. Sensamatic ventilation fans are a popular choice for dealing with condensation and mould issues due to having both a kitchen and bathroom fan design.

How does loft ventilation work?

The positive input ventilation system (or PIV Unit) is an effective method of loft ventilation, drawing in fresh air that is filtered and dried at an ambient temperature. This dry air is then gently introduced into the property continuously creating positive pressure by diluting and displacing the stale, moist air that would cause condensation and black mould issues within the property. This can be achieved by fitting and ducting a loft unit in the roof void via an air diffuser, normally mounted in the ceiling above a stairwell. For units fitted with pre-heat facility, the heater control switch is sited on the landing wall at a convenient height to enable the user to switch the heater on or off. Also, the fan speed control is set from this position.

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