Damp proof course

Why are chemical damp proof courses used to treat rising damp?


Damp proof injections are a highly effective and cost efficient method of rising damp treatment. Injections are a popular method of damp proofing with no specialist treatment required and can also be used in walls that have suffered from a severe water saturation. Damp proof injections are designed to seep deep into the brickwork to prevent moisture rising through the walls causing rising damp. This treatment is long lasting and tends to remain effective for the rest of the building’s lifespan.


How to treat rising damp using damp proof injections

Damp proof injections are the most common form of rising damp treatment. This involves the injection of a siliiconate type chemical in the form of cream or solution into holes drilled into the mortar joint. The cream penetrates the brickwork and forms a water repellant barrier. This allows you to rest easy in the knowledge that there is a damp proofing course in place in the form of damp proof injections protecting your home from rising damp. 

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How do damp proof injections work?

Creams used in damp proofing injections are formed to penetrate deep inside the material of a building. Silane, the active ingredient in damp proofing cream has a consistency which allows it to absorb vertically and horizontally into the substrate. A watter barrier will then form as the silane lines the capillaries. 

What problems are associated with damp proof injections?

If damp proof injections are done safely and correctly, the fluid forms a barrier to prevent any damp from rising up through the building. However, the major problem associated with damp proofing injections is incorrect application. Quite often the damp proofing cream is injected too high up the wall to efficently protect floor timbers. This will lead to damp problems within the property and may cause the timber to rot. Also, it is not uncommon for the brickwork to be drilled but incorrect injections into the mortar joints. This provides the misture with a route to get past the brickwork while also leaving the property exposed to  rain and frost damage. 

Due to the potential for the cream to be injected incorrectly, we recommend always using professionally trained damp proofing specialists to avoid any damp or property damage. Luckily here at Wise Property Care, our rising damp specialists have decades of experieince in correctly using damp proofing injections to protect your property from rising damp. 

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