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What is dry rot

Dry rot is a form of timber decay caused primarily by fungal growth. It is also one of the most damaging conditions you can get in a property, severely impacting structural integrity as it aggressively spreads from one area of timber to the next.

It is not all doom and gloom though, professional dry rot treatment programmes can eradicate the problem and the earlier dry rot is identified the easier, and more cost effective, treating it becomes.

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How dry rot occurs

Dry rot spores are present in almost every property to some degree and on their own they are harmless. However, if they are given sufficient moisture they will germinate and form a large fluffy cotton wool like fungus. This fungus will eventually grow into a fruiting body that will release more spores, starting the whole dry rot lifecycle all over again. 

Contrary to its name, dry rot needs moisture to flourish and grow. This moisture could come from many sources such as a drip from a leaky pipe, rain water from the roof, damaged gutters or down pipes. 

Once dry rot starts growing it can inflict serious damage on timber anywhere in a property. Worst of all, the longer dry rot goes untreated the more destructive it can become. 

To find out more on what it looks like and how to spot it, visit our dry rot signs web page.

Identify Dry rot

Dry rot is a serious condition but it can be easier to treat if spotted early. Make sure you know the signs.

Dry Rot signs

What causes Dry Rot?

Find out more about what causes this aggressive form of timber decay to start and spread.

What causes Dry Rot?

How to fix a dry rot problem

A professional surveyor from Wise Property Care will be able to identify the full scope of any dry rot problem. Using specialist tools our surveyors can monitor the progress of any dry rot infestation, even when the rot is in concealed areas of a property. If a survey reveals the presence of dry rot then the dry rot treatment recommended will depend on the severity of the outbreak. 

To find out more information on how we fix a dry rot problem, visit the following web pages.

Dry rot treatment

Wise Property Care are experts when it comes to treating dry rot. Find out how we can eradicate dry rot from your property.

Dry rot treatment

Contact a Dry Rot Pro

The first step to solving a dry rot problem in your property is booking a survey with our Which?, PCA and Trust Mark approved experts.

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Speak to a dry rot specialist

At Wise Property Care, we are experts at identifying and treating dry rot.

If you suspect your property has dry rot, call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678 or use our online contact form to get help, advice and treatment solutions from our experienced and qualified team.

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