Structural Repairs

From crack stitching to cavity wall ties, Wise Property Care can help the structural integrity of your property

Structural repairs

The most important thing to say about any structural repair is that it is utterly imperative that professionals are involved. At Wise Property Care, we are one of only a handful of specialists in the country with structural repair and damp proofing expertise. This combination of skills offers our customers a full range of repairs, treatments and solutions that are cost effective and as unintrusive as possible.

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Structural repairs - when are they needed?

The need for structural repairs is usually the result of an environmental change such as subsidence or flooding. These often unavoidable problems can result in cracked masonary and the failure of structural damp proofing as a result of ground movement, weathering or increased structural pressure. This inevitably leads to foundation problems, walls moving out of position and structural instability in the property.

Why it is important to carry out structural repairs?

As you can imagine, the longer the structural repair is needed, and ignored, the larger the risk to you and your property. The good news, however, is that the words "structural repair" no longer translate to "massive expense".

Our structural repair solutions

Cost effective, clean, non intrusive and using the latest techniques in structural repairs, our structural repair solutions offer you a choice of techniques to solve your structural repair problem depending on the type of property you have.

Fixing cracks

A lot of the time cracks in masonary and concrete can be repaired without a massive rebuild:

Crack injection

Waterproofing crack injection solutions for the sealing of cracks and cavities. Perfect for cracked concrete.

Crack injection

Crack stitching

Quick, simple, effective and permanent, crack stitching is perfect for stabilising cracked masonry.

Crack stitching

Repairs and replacement

A lot of the time, a structural repair will simply be a case of replacing existing parts of your property that are no longer providing the structural stability they should:

Timber Repairs

Using tailormade timber solutions, we replace rotten timbers with low disturbance timber repairs

Timber repairs

Cavity wall tie replacement

Help and advice on replacing and repairing corroding cavity wall ties within your property.

Cavity wall ties

Further information and help

For further information or help on structural repairs, or if you suspect your property may have structural damage, call Wise Property Care today or you can request a property survey online.

With our 10 year structural property repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind that your structural repair problem will soon be over.

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