Wet Rot

Get expert info on wet rot: a variety of fungal species that can cause structural problems in timber

What is Wet rot?

While wet rot should not to be confused with the more servere timber condition dry rot,  it still has the potential to cause substantial damage to your property. Wet rot attacks timber in damp conditions and this makes it is a common cause of structural defects particularly when allowed to go unchecked with no wet rot treatment programme in place. 

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How wet rot occurs

In order to grow, wet rot requires a regular source of moisture. This often comes from sources like defective plumbing, gutters, downpipes or stone pointing. When excess moisture infiltrates timber it can allow fungal spores to germinate and grow, this eventually leads to the timber losing its strength.

wet rot - Spotting the signs

Typical indications of wet rot include:

  • A damp musty smell
  • Cracking and softening of timber that is often discoloured, distorted and losing its strength
  • You may notice some fungal growth

How to fix a wet rot problem

Wet rot decay is typically confined to areas where the timber has become and remains wet. However, it is not a case of just fixing the damage the wet rot has caused.  You have to fix the source of the water ingress to ensure that the wet rot does not re-appear.

After the source of the water has been identified and fixed, treatment of wet rot can continue. Wet rot treatment generally involves the replacement of timber within the infected area.

If you are still unsure if your property is suffering from wet rot, a professional property survey will be able to identify and reveal the full scope of any wet rot problem and the sources of any water ingress. Using specialist surveying tools, wet rot can be surveyed in unexposed areas within a property such as behind walls or below floorboards. Find out more in the links below:

Wet rot treatment

If you suspect your property is suffering from wet rot, find out how Wise Property Care can help with our Wet rot treatment and solutions.

Wet rot treatment

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