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How to stop condensation in 10 steps

February 2, 2016

Stop condensation in 10 steps

Find out how to stop condensation in 10 easy steps that will not cost you a thing. Stopping condensation is important because if it is not treated it can cause unsightly black mould to grow on your walls, curtains and upholstery.

1) Keep your home well ventilated by opening windows every day. You should also make sure that the drip vents in your windows are open as these allow additional airflow that will combat condensation. If you have condensation on windows it is likely that it will be elsewhere in your property too.

2) When you are cooking always turn the extractor fans on in the kitchen on a high power. This will extract any excess moisture from boiling pots and pans. If possible, open up the kitchen windows whilst cooking for extra ventilation. It is an idea to leave the extractor fan on for longer than you are cooking as there will be excess moisture in the air which you cannot see.

3) After taking a bath or shower there will be excess moisture in the air. To stop condensation forming, the bathroom windows should be opened and extractor fans turned on. Try to keep the bathroom door shut as much as possible so the moisture doesn’t escape into other parts of your home.

4) When you are drying your clothes you should dry them outside where possible. If you cannot do this then put them in an enclosed room and keep the window open. If you use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes it is extremely important that the ventilation pipe runs to outside your property.

5) You should leave a small gap between the walls of your home and your furniture as this allows the air to move away from the bottom of the walls and circulate around the room. If air lingers between the furniture and walls it will condense onto walls and could eventually form into black mould.

6) Your property’s airways such as airbricks and chimneys should be clear to allow airflow in and out of your home. Air ventilation is extremely important as you don't want moist air to be trapped in one part of your home as it will condense on your walls.

7) During the Winter and at other cold times of the year you should try to maintain a constant temperature in your home. This is because it is cold air that causes the warm air to release moisture. If the air is all the same temperature then this cannot happen.

8) Always keep the lids on pots and pans whilst cooking so that the moisture does not escape from the pans. If the lids are off moisture will be rising from the pans even if you cannot see it. Just as you can only see your breath in the air on a cold day, you can only see the moisture rising from a pan when the temperature is lower.

9) Check your roof to see if there are any problems such as water leaking in.

10) Check the guttering and down pipes, make sure that they are carrying the water away and that there are no damaged/blocked guttering or drainpipes causing the external wall to become soaking wet.

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