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Woodworm refers to the larvae of all wood boring beetles. In the UK, the most common woodworm beetles are:

  • Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum)
  • Deathwatch Beetle (Xestobium rufuvillosum)
  • House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus)
  • Powderpost Beetle (Lyctus brunneus)

All of these woodworm beetles invade and consume wood and then leave when they have reached maturity. Thankfully problems associated with woodworm typically only happen between May and September during the breeding season however, this is not always the case.

When signs of woodworm are noticed in the structural timber of your property it is reccomended that you seek professional help removing the pests before any serious damage is caused. The qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians at Wise Property Care opperate from local branches all across the country and ready to tackle any woodworm problems you have with our thourough and professional treatment programmes.

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What do woodworm look like?

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What sort of damage can occur from woodworm?

The amount of damage caused woodworm will depend on the species of beetle, the severity of the infestation and the type of wood. In the UK, the most common type of beetle is the Common Furniture Beetle. Depending of the extent of the woodworm issue, it can be as little as superficial damage to timber by the way of small holes however, it can result in structural timbers losing their structural intergirty. 

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Knowing if you have a woodworm problem

It is a common misconception that woodworm only affects older properties. In fact it can cause damage to newly constructed buildings as well. Any wooden structure, furniture or worktop could be infected with eggs or larvae without it being noticeable. You may not discover a woodworm infestation for several years.  However, if you do suspect woodworm, visit our how to identify woodworm web page for professional advice.  Alternatively, if you are unsure, you can always  organise a woodworm survey.

Identify a woodworm issue

Suspect you might have a woodworm issue. Visit our 'how to' guide for tips to help you identify the signs of woodworm

Woodworm signs

Woodworm treatment

Want to know how to treat the problem? Check out our guide on woodworm treatments and solutions to eradicate a woodworm issue

Woodworm treatment

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