What is penetrating damp?


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Penetrating damp, otherwise known as lateral damp, is the end result of water successfully penetrating from the outside of a building and into your property.

Unlike rising damp, penetrating damp can happen at any level within the property including roofs, ceilings and walls.
It is a very common problem found within older properties that have solid walls. Newer properties tend to have much more protection from penetrating damp through the use of cavity walls and are therefore less likely to suffer from this type of damp problem.

What causes penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp is most commonly caused through leaky pipes and poorly maintained brickwork, which over time can become damaged or need re-pointing. Deterioration of mortar joints and water management systems are also a typical cause of penetrating damp.

Our useful DIY tips to stop penetrating damp page will provide you with a list of common property problems that can eventually lead to a penetrating damp issue.

DIY Tips to stop penetrating damp

Knowing if you have a penetrating damp problem

Any excess moisture that gets into the property will usually lead to damp problems, but how can you tell if it is penetrating damp you are dealing with?

Here are some tell tale signs that point to a penetrating damp problem:

  • Damaged plaster
  • Damp patches on walls that do not dry out 
  • Black mould growth
  • Musty damp smell
  • Damaged timber
  • Leaky roof 

On days where the rain is pouring down, you may notice watermarks or damp patches on your walls getting bigger.

What damage can penetrating damp cause?

The damage caused by penetrating damp can vary depending on how long and how much water has managed to penetrate through to your property.

Penetrating damp can lead to black mould growth which carries a host of problems ranging from affecting your personal possessions, home decor and even your health.

In cases where penetrating damp affects the timber in a property wet rot, or more severe dry rot, can occur.

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